Changing the Status Quo: A New Approach to Third-Party Hiring
Brin McCagg, RecruitiFi


How can you cut time and cost out of your recruiting cycle while increasing the quality of candidates?


The optimal way to manage third-party hires, while streamlining your internal team's processes.


How you can harness your existing agency relationships, soliciting agencies, and a crowd of vetted recruiters.


With competition for top candidates at it's peak, third-party agencies provide a conduit into new pools of qualified talent. However, the third-party recruiting market is fragmented, and frought with innefficiencies, both in how companies manage their agency recruiters and how agencies find and engage with candidates and new requisitions.

Brin McCagg, CEO of RecruitiFi discusses how these inefficiencies can be eliminated through a new recruiting model known as the Expert Referral System (ERS).  RecruitiFi, the industry's first full ERS allows your company to engage with your existing recruiting agencies in an organized and data-driven manner, while supplementing your candidate needs with candidates supplied by a highly motivated segment of RecruitiFi's crowd.  All recruiters are scored based on their past success on roles similar to yours, giving you access to the exact right recruiters to fill your open position every time.

Further simplify your recruiting process by referring the many agencies that solicit your company to RecruitiFi, where they can work on your roles at a fair, non-negotiable rate. The RecruitiFi algorithm scores these soliciting agencies based on the quality of their candidates and determines which ones will continue to receive your roles.

In addition to streamlined workflows and data on your thrid-party agencies and your internal team, RecruitiFi provides a centralized agreement that eliminates any confusion over customized terms or candidate ownership.

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