Military and Diversity Outreach for Success and Scale
Gia Ilole, Expert Strategist, Military & Diversity Talent Outreach - PG&E


How can you layer military and diversity hiring strategies into every layer of your recruiting strategy?


How to develop an Affirmative Action Plan by examining recruiting outlets for potential diversity.


What strategies work for companies of any size to implement a military and diversity inclusion program.


Diversity and militarty recruiting is a constantly evolving segment of talent acquisition. With federal regulations like OFCCP, Section 503, and VEVRAA being introduced every few years, the diversity standards and reporting standards continue to change. Even if your company is smaller and doesn't fall under Federal regulation, diversity is critical to bringing in unique ideas and creating a well-rounded work culture.

In this discussion, Gia Ilole explains some of the strategies that have been effective in bringing diversity to PG&E and throughout her career. By educating hiring managers, rebranding your hiring message, and identifying unique recruiting outlets, you can maximize your efforts to make military and diversity hires.

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