Building and Leading a High Performing Talent Acquisition Team in a Blended Environment
Melkeya McDuffie, Head of Talent Acquisition - Waste Management


How can your company successfully build a talent acquisition team in a blended RPO and internal recruiting environment?


How examining key metrics can be used to craft a winning talent acquisition strategy.


How Waste Management has applied these metrics to build a strong talent acquisition team mixing RPO and non-RPO elements.


Melkeya McDuffie, Head of Talent Acquisition at Waste Management, explains how her company has successfully boosted their recruiting efforts through both RPO and non-RPO efforts.

By creating quantifiable metrics for both their internal sourcing teams and external RPO, McDuffie and Waste Management have been able to improve all aspects of their recruiting process.

Learn how Waste Management has used these metrics and techniques to build a high-performing talent acquisition team in a multifaceted and blended environment.

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