How Company Values Play Into Hiring
Jeff Ehrenberg & Jenny Jongejan of HotelTonight, Liz Young of Sift Science, and Tammy Han of First Round Capital


How do you define and incorporate core values into your recruiting and hiring strategy?


How to maintain a fixed set of core aspects that remain true to the company regardless of change.


How you infuse your core values into the recruiting process to best represent your company to top talent.


Values are core traits of a company that define company culture by enduring within your company regardless of what changes internally. Highlighting these values can be a significant part of a recruitment process as it can appeal to top talent, giving you the edge over other talent brands. This panel shares several examples of how you can incorporate those values into the recruiting process to find success.

Jenny Jongejan, Recruiting Manager for HotelTonight, moderates this panel with her colleague, Jeff Ehrenberg, Liz Young of Sift Science, and Tammy Han of First Round Capital.  They discuss how to instill these values throughout the recruitment process, how to search for them in a candidate, and how to maximize your hiring percentages once you find an applicant who reflects these values.

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