Reaching Millennials: How to Enhance or Develop an Effective College Recruiting/Outreach Strategy
Phillip Witcher, Manager of University Programs
& Campus Recruiting - 
Santander Consumer


How do companies develop an offering that attracts and retain young talent?


The largest, most educated, and most diverse part of our labor force: The Millennials.


Why Millennials move from job to job and how to increase their tenure.


As 32% of today’s workforce, Millennials now make up the largest part of the labor pool. By tailoring a current offering or creating an entirely new one, attracting this new generation of educated workers is essential in prolonged success for your company.

In this in-depth discussion, Phillip Witcher, Manager of University Programs & Campus Recruiting at Santander Consumer, explains how to attract the growing contingent of young talent. Unlike past markets, today’s young workers are not working towards tenure or duration-based promotions. Trying to find the quickest way to the top, Millennials are harder to retain for longer periods of time but with the right tools your business can not only attract this eager new market, but also extend their longevity within your company.

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