Candidate Experience: Glowing or Glaring?
Sushila Desai, Senior Manager Executive Recruitment
Hilton Worldwide


How does a company famous for its hospitality manage to apply the same mentality to candidate experience?


How likely candidates are to share their candidate experience and impact your overall brand.


How you can ensure that your candidate experience always reflects positively on your company.


It's no secret, candidate experience has been the hot topic in talent acquisition for the past five years, and with good cause. Every candidate is either a current or potential customer—especially in the hospitality and consumer goods/services industries. And considering how likely they are to discuss their experience with their friends or online, they could be affecting hundreds, even thousands of potential customers.

So, how do you ensure that every candidate—whether they get the job or not—comes away with a positive impression of your company?

In this discussion, Sushila Desai tells us how Hilton Worldwide, a company famous for how it treats guests, applies the same high standards to their candidates. She'll review how you can focus on communication, attention to detail, prep, transparency, and feedback to make sure that every applicant feels like they've gotten the royal treatment.

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