Talent Advisors: Recruiters Influencing the Direction of the Organization
Tom Brouchoud, Mind Seeker - EMC


How do Talent Aquisition leaders stay relevent in today's rapidly changing market?


The importance of the Talent Aquisition role in a business and the irreplacable element a human touch brings.


How recruiters can move beyond the role of order-fillers to influence the organization as a whole.


Talent Acquisition has often been looked at as reactionary department—filling roles as they open up. However, by instituting the proper departmental structure and creatively analyzing hiring data, Talent Acquisition has the potential to shape the future of your organization.

In this discussion, Tom Brouchoud explains how his BAAM (Business Aligned Account Management) structure allows his talent team to become strategic business partners rather than just order takers. Stronger relationships throughout the organization allow them to anticipate business needs. Their strong focus on metrics and analytical thinking has even helped the Talent Acquisition team make critical enterprise-level decisions like deciding which geographical markets can best sustain expansion offices from a talent perspective.

Of course, you can never lose sight of the job at hand, as Tom touches on the importance of providing well-vetted candidates to improve one’s professional reputation as an elite talent acquisition professional.

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