The Shared Economy: A Conversation With Brin McCagg



Why it’s so expensive and difficult for employers to source and hire the right talent.


The fact that recruiters continuously vet highly qualified candidates that they don’t place.


Why the human touch is key to figuring out who is the right fit for your company and culture.


The convergence of the crowdsourcing, sharing and on-demand economy is and will continue to have a large impact on recruiting and HR. Companies, are having success through using and sharing knowledge, logistics, physical assets, and quality ratings with smart devices. 

In this video, founder and CEO of RecruitiFi, Brin McCagg, explains how the transactional system of RecruitiFi is not about volume, but rather, focused on offering companies hand-vetted, interested candidates through precisely matched recruiters.

Recruiters all over the world are joining RecruitiFI and receiving jobs that are specifically matched to the roles, industries, and locations that they focus on, 

Watch the video to learn more about the following benefits of using RecruitiFi