Sundyne Agency Application

Please watch the entire 2-minute video.
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Application form will appear here after the video is complete.

Agency Benefits:

  • Instant access to Sundyne & other clients
  • Standardized terms across all clients
  • 100% fee collection rate
  • Third-party exclusivity with all clients
  • Faster hires: Average of 8 days faster
  • Easy-to-use, modern workflow
  • Total transparency

Key terms:

  • 180-day candidate ownership on each JobCast
  • 60-day candidate guarantee period
  • 10% placement fees for sourcing candidates. We handle all marketing, business development, procurement, contracting, and collection expenses.

Why must I apply?

At RecruitiFi we focus on candidate quality, which directly correlates to the high standards we've set for agencies working with Sundyne and other clients in our community. By filling out the form below, you can help us verify your level of experience and professionalism.

Application Form

Please be sure to provide thoughtful and accurate answers.