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What is the industry saying?

Senior-level professionals in talent acquisition agree that the RecruitiFi platform is a game-changing solution to their hiring needs.

Who is using us?

Companies from a wide range of industries, head counts, and geographic markets have enjoyed success on the platform.

WhY our clients are thrilled?

RecruitiFi provides qualified candidates in a fraction of the time and cost, while delivering unprecedented visibility into the process.

ABOUT Recruitifi

The RecruitiFi platform is quickly becoming the most buzzed about hiring solution on the market.  Our clients agree that RecruitiFi has provided them with top quality candidates for their open positions, a streamlined workflow for managing their third-party recruiting vendors, and unprecedented data and visibility into their internal and external hiring processes. 

As the industry's first full ERS (Expert Referral System), RecruitiFi allows clients to engage with their existing recruiting agencies in an organized and data-driven manner, while supplementing their candidate needs through a highly motivated segment of RecruitiFi's crowd.  All recruiters are scored based on their past success on similar roles, giving clients access to the exact right recruiters to fill open positions every time.

Clients can further simplify their recruiting process by referring the many agencies that solicit their companies to RecruitiFi, where they can work on roles at a fair, non-negotiable rate. The RecruitiFi algorithm scores these soliciting agencies based on the quality of their candidates and determines which ones will continue to receive roles.

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