Onboarding Through Immersion: The Danaher Business System
Alice White, Vice President Talent Acquisition - Danaher


How can you use your onboarding process to create a lasting structure in your organization?


The benefits of cross-training new employees and giving them a comprehensive picture of the company.


How Danaher creates a unified, winning culture across their portfolio of holdings.


The Danaher Business System is a unique approach to management that drives a neverending process of change and improvement.  Alice White, VP Talent Acquisition, discusses the unique onboarding through immerision that helps establish the mindset of the Danaher Business System in all new employees from day one.

By truly understanding the many roles of the organization, their processes, and their corporate values, new employees at Danaher gain tools that make them more successful in their careers.

Learn how Danaher uses this unique onboarding and business program as part of their recruitment pitch. 

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