Using Data to Disrupt Recruitment
Nathalie Scardino, Vice President Recruiting - Salesforce


Can you use analytics to find new talent pools based on alternative geographies and skill sets that fit your roles?


How you can look at recruitment data and saturation rates to show what markets to pursue.


How Salesforce competes for top tech talent in the most competitive tech market in the world.


Learn from Nathalie Scardino, VP Recruiting, how Salesforce has used their recruitment data to change their talent acquisition strategies.  By presenting data regarding candidate outreach saturation rates, the talent acquisition team at Salesforce has been able to show that they need to pursue new geographies.

By analyzing top performers interally, the talent acquisition team was able to show hiring managers that prospects with alternative skill sets were viable interview candidiates. This allowed them to open up new pipelines and continue to bring in top talent.

Using internal metrics like attrition/retention rates, SFDC was able to act proactively on departments where hiring would be necessary in the near future rather than scrambling to hire reactively. 

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