The Challenges of Recruiting in Hypergrowth
Wrede Petersmeyer, NY General Manager - Airbnb


How did Airbnb established a corporate culture and hired for that cultual fit during exponential growth


How investing time and effort into your candidate experience improves your quality of hire


How to expand your company's footprint and hire internationally in an effective and efficient manner.


Wrede Petersmeyer, the NY General Manager of Airbnb explains the challenges of growing from three founders to a company doing business in 34,000 cities in 191 countries around the globe.

By fostering relationships between talent acquisition and individual hiring mangers (talent partnerships), speeding up time to hire, and focusing on candidate experience, Airbnb has improved their internal screening processes and increased their ability to hire top candidates into high impact jobs.

Learn how Airbnb executes on these critical recruiting operations, while maintaining a cohesive culture as they rapidly expand to new markets.