Social Recruiting in the Age of Connectivity


What are recruiters' favorite social media platforms for sourcing candidates?


Red flags on social profiles that would make a recruiter rethink contacting a candidate.


The most valuable pieces of information to look for on a candidate's profile. 


Considering how social media networks have become an integral part of our daily lives, it’s no surprise that recruiters are leveraging them in order to source candidates. Perhaps no other tool has so enhanced the recruiting process, as recruiters are able to easily search online for the skills and information they are looking for in a candidate. 93 percent of recruiters admitted to using social profiles on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter to evaluate candidates in the hiring process.

In theory, social recruiting should make it easier than ever to find the types of candidates that you’re looking for, yet it has made it more competitive than ever to find the best candidates out there. Many companies are going to invest more money and time into social recruiting in order to get to the best talent before anyone else.