How To Acquire Candidates and Clients With The Right Social Media Strategy


How can you develop a strong social recruiting strategy?


How leveraging social media can be a boon to business.


Why social media can elevate you above your competitors.

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A strong social media presence can attract a steady flow of targeted candidates to your business. It can spark conversations with potential clients and elevate you to a position of authority in the niche recruiting markets you serve. But you have to have the right social media strategy in place; and you have to know how to deliver on that strategy.

This webinar will be a great launchpad for you to start leveraging social media more effectively in your recruitment business. With insights on both what’s working – and the pitfalls to avoid – Tony’s experience of working with recruiting businesses around the world never disappoints. Register today and be sure to tune in for what is sure to be a results-focused and practical session.

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Tony Restell is the founder of, a specialist social media marketing agency focused on the recruitment industry. devises specialized social media marketing plans and helps recruiters, recruitment businesses, career services companies, and job boards build their social media presence on LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook, and Twitter.

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